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Creation Timeline (Expanded)

Restudy-page 1

Let's restudy our Bible and the original Creation Timeline because there seems to be something missing from that timeline.

Genesis chapters 1 & 2 gives most people a picture like this of the 7 days of Creation.  (This part is accurate and so it does not need to be "fixed".)




Read Genesis 1:1, 2 again though, and as you do ask yourself a few questions:

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."  
What beginning is it talking about?  The very beginning of when "God created the heavens and the earth" of course. 

"And the earth was without form, and void"    
Jer. 4:23 also talks about the earth being without "form and void" and dark, yet we can tell that this time the earth was physically here because it talks about the "cities" being broken down in Jer. 4:26.  Could Genesis 1:12 be the same type of thing?  Could it be that the earth had been created by God at some point prior to Day 1 of Creation Week but it was left "without form and void" (It evidently had no organization, and was empty of life.)? 

"and darkness was upon the face of the deep."  
Sounds like there was a surface, a "face" of some kind, a real physical object, but it was dark.  

"And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." 
When the Spirit of God moved on the face of the "waters" evidently the water was already here.  So when had God created the "waters" and whatever was showing (dry land) when God sperated the waters on Day 3? 

At one point after Adam and Eve sinned they were forced out of the Garden of Eden and angels were stationed at the gates.  (see Genesis 3:24)  Where did these "Cherubims", these "angels" come from?  And when had they been created?  They were not dead humans who had become angels because no human had died at that point in time.  (This tells us that angels are NOT dead humans as some have been taught to believe.)  According to the Bible, Cherubims are angels of the highest order.  In fact, the Bible tells us that Lucifer (who became the devil, the dragon, and Satan, and who was also the serpent in the Garden of Eden) had been a created Cherubim.  (see Ezekiel 28:14Isaiah 14:12-17Revelation 12:4920:2

So, where did these angels come from?  We can find the answer in Ezekiel 28.  God talks to the King of Tyrus (who evidently was possessed by the devil himself, Satan) as if He is talking to Lucifer (Satan, the devil) and reminds him that he had been created perfect (see Ezekiel 28:15).  So then the question becomes, "when" had this angel been created?  The creation of angels was certainly not mentioned during Creation Week.

Keep in mind too that Revelation 12:49 tell us that angles are sometimes called "stars" in the Bible.  When God is talking to Job in Job 38:7, He talks about the "morning stars" singing, and the "son's of God" shouting for "joy" when the earth was created.  This seems to indicate that God had created the angels before He created this earth, in other words, before Creation Week. (By the way, who are the "Son's of God"?  Other beings on other worlds?  That’s actually what the Bible teaches.)


We can see that the angels of heaven had evidently been created prior to this earth and its inhabitants.

It appears that the dark, water covered earth had been created at some point prior to humans being created, but this "earth" was "without form and void".  In other words, it was void of life of any kind and totally covered in water. 

We also know that Lucifer had sinned before the earth was created (he was the snake in the Garden), so we need to add something like this to the beginning of our Creation Timeline to make it more complete:



So now our timeline should look something like this:


But now it would also be great to view the same major events that happened right after Creation as found on the original Creation Timeline, so we should add those as well.


This will give us a timeline that looks like this:




This timeline looks good, except for one thing.  It's way too small.  So let's put this on a page like all the other timelines and take a closer look.   Click here

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