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Grace Skit


Grace is much different than Justice and Mercy:

  • Justice is getting the bad we deserve (we deserve death)
  • Mercy is NOT getting the bad that we deserve. (not dying)
  • Grace is getting good that we do not deserve. (eternal life, NO death)


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Genre:  Done with a mix of awe, seriousness & humor
Length:  15-30 minutes
Point:  God's Grace is FREE

Scene 1 – Justice

Justice is getting the bad that we deserve.

(5-10 minutes, very serious & somber mood)

Props needed:  chairs, desk & robe for judge, "gavel", handcuffs (rope), prison clothes
People needed:  5 (defendant, judge, prosecutor, public defender, bailiff)
The scene:  A courtroom
Bailiff:  (loud voice) "All rise!  The Honorable Judge B. Wright presiding."
Judge:  (hitting the desk with gavel, stern voice) "You may be seated.  This court is now in session. 
Judge: (continues, looking at defendant)
Mr./Miss _________ , you are being accused of  premeditated murder.  How do you plead?"
Public defender: (both standing)  "Your Honor, the defendant pleads GUILTY of all charges.  He admits that he did kill ________ and that it was premeditated and was not done in self-defense."
Judge:  (Looking at the public defender "Is your client aware that the mandatory sentence for premeditated murder is DEATH?"
Public defender:  (Public Defender looks at defendant who nods and then looks back at Judge.  Both still standing.)   "Yes, your Honor."
Judge:  (looking at the defendant) "Mr./Miss _________, do you have anything you would like to say?"
Defendant:  (looking at the judge, looking very hopeless and ashamed)  "Yes, your Honor.  I want you and all those that are here in this courtroom to know that I am VERY sorry that I killed ________.  Please forgive me!"
Judge:  (looking at the defendant, very sad)  "Mr./Miss ________, I see.   You admit to committing this senseless murder, and you regret that you did it.  I am very sorry to have to do this, but it is the law and the law cannot be changed.  I hereby sentenced you to death by firing squad."
Judge:  (looking at the bailiff)  "Bailiff, remove the prisoner and see to it that he/she is shot to death tomorrow morning.
(Bailiff removes defendant from the room.  All others rise and the judge leaves, followed by everyone else)

End of Scene 1


Scene 2 – Mercy 

Mercy is not getting the bad that we deserve.

(5-10 minutes; mood: complete hopelessness, then relief and total amazement)

Props needed:  sticks, broom handles (or whatever for rifles)
People needed:  prisoner, firing squad (2 or more), captain, The Judge (the Volunteer who takes the place of the prisoner)
The scene:  outside getting ready to shoot the prisoner by firing squad
Captain:   (places the prisoner way off, then speaks to the firing squad)  "Alright men, take your places.     Ready!  Aim! "
Judge:  (yelling at the top of his lungs)  "Wait, Wait, Don't shoot!!!!!  Kill me instead, then the law will be satisfied and this man can be forgiven."
Captain:  (not sure he has heard correctly, speaking first to his men, then to the judge)  "Hold your fire men!"  "Judge, what did you just say?"
Judge:  (speaking to all, but looking at the captain)  "I want you to shoot me instead of shooting him.  Of my own free choice I will take his place." 
Captain:  (in amazement)  "But sir, the prisoner deserves to die.  He is the one who committed the crime, not you!"
Judge:  (in a very sincere tone)  "I know what I am doing captain.  Let it be done, and let it be done right now."  (the judge then whispers something to the captain)
Captain:  (in total amazement)  "OK sir.  Gentlemen, you heard the Judge."  (The captain places the Judge where he can be shot and gives the order.)  "Ready...  Aim...  Fire!"  (The Judge falls dead.)
(Everyone is in total awe and cannot understand what they have just witnessed.)
Captain:  "Come with me."  (takes the prisoner back to his cell)

End of Scene 2


Scene 3 (final scene) – AMAZING GRACE

Grace is getting good that we do NOT deserve.

(10-15 minutes; mood:  lots of joy, great excitement and humor)

Props needed:  desk, 2 chairs, map, new ID cards (drivers license), wallet, credit cards & a checkbook, keys, title to a house, title to a jet, title to a yacht, title to cars, and lots of play money.  You should provide clothing, at least a coat, that could be put on over the prison clothes.

People needed: 3 ( prisoner, captain, guard)

The scene:  This scene takes place in the police station.
(Captain sitting at the desk and the prisoner is escorted in by the guard.)
Guard:  "Captain, you asked to see the prisoner.  Here he is."
Captain:  (speaking to the guard)  "You may go now."
Guard:  "Are you OK sir?  This man is a murderer!"
Captain:  "Not according to this paper.  Please leave us alone."
Guard:  "OK sir, but I think there must be something wrong upstairs."  (The guard leaves pointing to his head and making the "crazy" sign with his hand.)
Captain:  (speaking to the prisoner)  "Please, have a seat.  You might recall that before the Judge took your place and was killed he whispered something to me.  Well, what he said was that he had written out his will and he told me where I could find it, but that you had to accept it before it was yours.  
I would like to read it to you now:

To whom it may concern:
This is my last will and testament, written by my own hand and under no pressure what-so-ever.  Because the prisoner whom I died for has asked for forgiveness, I hereby grant him total forgiveness.  I also grant him his freedom.  He is now my son.

(The prisoner cannot believe his ears..)
Prisoner: "Wow, thank you!  I don't understand why he would do this but thanks again!"   (said with excitement and gets up to leave)
Captain:  "Wait there's more.  Sit down please." (and he continues to read the will)

It is my desire and great privilege to give Mr./Miss________ my personal car and my entire collection of antique cars.  (The prisoner jumps up pumping the air, yelling and dancing around.  The captain tells him to sit down and hands him a photo of the cars, and then hands him the keys and titles to the fastest, most beautiful cars anyone has ever seen.)
It is also my desire that Mr./Miss _________ be given my private island and mansion.  You will find the island marked on this map.  (The captain tries to calm the ex-con down, and hands him the map, the keys to the mansion and the deed.)
And because I want Mr/Miss ________ to be happy beyond his wildest dreams I am also giving him my yacht and all my other "toys".  (The captain, shaking his head and trying to calm down the ex-con, gives him the keys to all the other toys.)
He is to be given anything he could ever want, and to make sure that happens I am leaving him my entire bank account of 20 billion dollars. (The captain hands him a checkbook and several credit cards.)
And in order for him to get to my (his new) home I am giving him my private jet and $10,000 in cash just in case he should need or want something on the way.  (The captain gives the man the cash.)

Again, I do not want him to be known as an ex-con but as my son, and so I am giving him my name.
Judge B. Wright

(The freed prisoner falls on his knees before the captain crying.)
Prisoner – "I don't deserve this, how can I ever hope to repay this?  I cannot possibly make this up to him.  What am I to do?"
Captain – "This was His gift to you because He loved you.  There isn't any way to repay him, and if you tried to it would be like a slap in his face.  He has a few rules that He has written down, and he has asked that you adopt those rules too, but they are all based on LOVE and if they are followed they will make you a great and happy person too.   Do not dishonor the name of the Judge!  He died so that you could live. 
All you have to do is accept it all.  Don't turn it down, don't refuse it or resist!  And if you accept this entire gift you may go as a free and wealthy man, but if you choose to refuse this gift, you will remain a prisoner and someday you too will die.

Do you accept?"

Prisoner – "I would be a fool to refuse!  Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!   I accept!!!"
(The captain puts a new coat on the man and the freed man leaves with awe on his face, money hanging out of his pockets, keys and papers everywhere.)
Remember, JUSTICE is getting exactly what you deserve (death).  MERCY is not not getting what you deserve (not having to die).  GRACE is what happens when God gives you the good that you do NOT deserve (LIFE).  

Jesus is your Judge.  You are guilty of sinning and so you are condemned to die, but Jesus left His position in Heaven, came to this Earth and died for you.  He died so that you will not have to, but He did not stop there. 

Today Jesus is alive, and He is offering you life that will never end.  He wants you to live with Him (in a room in His house that's so big it's like a mansion), use His name, eat His food.   He wants you to be happy beyond your WILDEST dreams, even paving the streets with pure gold.   All you have to do is accept His death as payment for your sins.  

To accept the "Last Will and Testament" of Jesus all you have to say is, 

"Jesus, YES!  I accept Your grace!!!  I would be a fool to refuse!  Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!

But Jesus, I need You to teach me how to trust you like I should, and I need You to teach me how to live by your rules of love."







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