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Thoughts on Heaven (Weather)

Have you ever thought about what the weather might be like in Heaven?  Some think it will be perfect all the time, and of course it will be. "no matter the weather".


When was the last time you were able to take a leisurely stroll in a well manicured garden with your best friend on a warm (but not hot), sunny day, birds singing, with a slight, very comfortable breeze?  Or maybe it was in the cool of the evening and everything is just perfect!  You feel so relaxed and good.  You and your friend just talk and walk, sit and tell stories, sharing all the good things that have happened in the day, or week since you have been together last.

But then it gets a bit cooler and so you move inside and sit around a cozy fireplace, and you continue to talk and laugh with your best friend.  Maybe it even starts to rain, or get stormy outside, but do you even care?

In the Garden of Eden, God came in the evening to walk and talk with His new friends too.  I am guessing that Adam and Eve loved those visits!  Can you imagine walking and talking, and just being a friend of the King of the entire Universe?

In Heaven, there may be perfect weather all of the time, but there are people who love the wind, love the rain, love the fog, and some even love the snow.  I am beginning to think that, because this will be such a perfect place, there will probably be various types of weather.  But if your BEST FRIEND JESUS, is with you, you could be in a little boat out in the middle of the sea, and in the middle of a storm with waves crashing all around you, and it wouldn't matter at all.  Or if you had been outside just walking with Him and a snow storm came up, would it matter? 

Jesus knows your needs and He cares for you.  He also knows the weather, and He will control that for you too.






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