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There's a Bull in the Road

Working as a colporteur selling Christian books door to door, I remember going to a town several miles from where I lived one day to follow another “lead card” sent in by someone who wanted a large Bible, but the person was not home. I seem to remember knocking on the doors of several other houses in the area, but with no contacts at all.  Because it had been quite a drive and I had nothing positive happening I became discouraged and headed for home.

As I drove down a small hill on the way home I saw something large in the road ahead of me. As I got closer I realized that a large bull had gotten out of his pen and was blocking the road. I looked around and saw a farm house not far away and thought that maybe they had lost this bull, so I drove down the lane and stopped at the house. Sure enough, they had a bull that got out quite often. And so the kid (15 years old maybe?) that I had just met got on a tractor and headed out to where I had seen the bull. It was still there, but when the tractor came close of course the bull ran off through the corn field in the wrong direction.

So the kid came back to my pickup, got in and we started talking. Right away he wanted to know what I was doing, and so I told him that I was selling Christian books. He said that one of his brothers was a preacher and because of that he would like to see what I had. We talked mostly about a specific book and he said he wanted to purchase one from me. This was a fairly expensive book and I was thinking that his parents would not allow this kind of purchase, but he went home, brought out his own cash, money he had been saving, and purchased a $60 book.

God turned a very discouraging day into one that I will never forget. Sometimes God has to put things in our road to make us change direction and go where He wants us to go. Let God lead you and your soul will be restored.


“He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.” Psalms 23:3

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