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The Homemade Bomb

The Homemade Bomb
(by Eddie)
The weather was hot and threatening rain and so we closed all windows tightly before we left to go shopping. On our way my wife added to my Honey-Do List telling me she had seen a dead mouse on the floor in our spare bedroom. So when we returned home after six hours, it was no surprise to me that a terrible stink hit me in the face when I opened the door just across the hall from the spare room. We had purchased some things for her mother who lived next door, so as I took some things into our house, my wife went to take things to her mother.

As I stepped into the long hallway closing the door behind me the stink was so bad I could not breathe. So I ran down the hall to the kitchen with the arm load of purchases hoping to get to fresh air. But the kitchen was no better so I dropped the bags on the table and literally ran on through the living room, through the dining room and out through the front door into the yard.

After a few minutes in the yard getting a few deep breaths of fresh air I went back in the house to open a couple of windows. Most of the time I was holding my breath, but I did sniff the air a little and then ran back into the yard.

It smelled almost as if something as big as a horse must have rotted in there. I couldn't believe a mouse could cause such an awful stink. But it never dawned on me there could be something else wrong. I kept going in and out of the house opening the house a little at a time and finally set a large floor fan in front of the front door to push the smell out. I finally found a spray can of Holly Berry, the strongest room spray deodorant I have ever found. I used this to spray all through the house.

I am so happy God does not always wait for us to ask before he extends His protection. When my wife finally came home, she immediately recognized the odor as gas and went over and turned off the gas burner on our cook stove.

One of the burners had been left on all day while we were away. This created a powerful bomb. It is amazing the house didn’t explode when I turned on that fan in front of the front door. But God was not asleep and gave his protection. He had other plans for me; He wasn’t through with me yet.

And later I figured out how the our home had become filled with gas. My wife had a burner on with something pre-cooking. In getting ready for the trip, and while my wife was at her mother's house getting her shopping list I turned off the burner. She came back not knowing I had turned the burner all the way off, so she turned it all the way on thinking she was turning it off. Since the stove didn’t have a pilot light and because the house was so tightly closed it easily filled with gas and made for a most explosive situation.
I believe God kept me from turning on the fan too soon because I’m sure there was enough gas in the house to blow it into many pieces.

“The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.” Psalms 34:7


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