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Several weeks ago, I was driving east bound on a city street when I witnessed a minor “fender bender” on the other side of the road.  Wanting to do the right thing I turned around, found the two cars parked in a nearby gas station and gave my contact information to the innocent driver. I left right away and really didn’t expect to hear from anyone about this again, but yesterday I received a phone call from one of the insurance companies.  They asked for my statement which I gladly gave. 

Not long afterwards I received a text from the driver that I had given my phone number to thanking me because the claim had been reversed. I was told that the driver of the other car had given a different story that made it look like the innocent driver was at fault. 

As I was thinking about this just now, I realized that this is very much like life. We are accused by someone of wrong doing and it all appears to be the truth, but then Jesus tells it like it is. 

It’s like the story found in John 8 of the woman who was brought to Jesus and accused of committing adultery. She had been caught in the very act, and what she was accused of doing couldn’t be denied. 

Instead of stating that what she had done was wrong and then accusing her too, Jesus began to write out “the rest of the story”.  He began to show everyone that what she was accused of was only part of the story. Jesus started writing out the very sins of her accusers, starting with the man who had gotten her sexually involved in the first place, and as the rest of the story was starting to be made public people began to change their attitude. 

God is like that with us too. The devil accuses us right to God’s face, and what he accuses us of doing cannot be denied. He isn’t necessarily telling a lie, but he certainly is not telling all of the story. There are no excuses for what we have done, yet rather than condemn us Jesus tells the rest of the story. He reminds the Father (not that the Father has forgotten) that we have already asked for His forgiveness in His name (the name of Jesus).  He reminds the Father that because of what He (Jesus) did on the cross of Calvary we have already been forgiven.  

That’s the part of the story the devil leaves out.  The devil is the one who started sin in the first place, but he accuses us of doing the very same things he does.  Unlike the devil though, we are trusting in Jesus, and we know that because we have asked for God’s forgiveness, in God’s eyes our sins don’t exist anymore. 

“Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the LORD, “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” 

Isaiah 1:18 (NKJV)







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