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Seeing Things

(Story by Dan)
I remember going out as a new colporteur (selling Christian books door to door) and training with my boss, Peter. We were following “lead cards” (postcards people had sent in asking for more information) in a very remote area and went to the specific address on the card, but no one was home. Because we were in the area already and needing to knock on doors we began to look around. We could see several homes just off to our east about a quarter of a mile, but for some reason I felt that we should not go there, although Peter did. So together we stopped and prayed, asking the Lord to help us know exactly what to do.

As we were praying I “saw” a home in my head and knew that we needed to go there. I thought it was straight south and the first house to the east. But once we got there, the “first house” was not the right house and so I kept driving to the next house. Poor Peter was pretty upset at me for driving right on by the “first house”, but as we pulled into the driveway of the house I had seen, the owner was heading out into the woods behind his home to work.

Peter and I introduced ourselves and the man invited us into his house. As the three of us visited one of the first questions he asked us was which day was the Lord’s Day. I was taken by surprise, but Peter opened one of our paperback versions of The Great Controversy to a specific page and gave it to the man who promptly closed the book and laid it down. Peter picked up the book again and opened it to the same page and gave it back to the man without saying anything. The man again closed the book and said, “I know what page it’s on.” Then once again he asked us which day we thought was the Lord’s Day and so we shared with him our understanding of what the Bible said.

We had a very good visit, told him that he could keep our copy of The Great Controversy and we left.  This man had evidently been thinking about this subject for some time and it is my belief that we had been sent to help him in his search, but there is no way we could have found him without God guiding us. How can we even think that we can do anything right if we do not ask for guidance?

“...great is thy faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:23


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