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People Are Like ...

Every person is like a single optical fiber. 

  • They either carry light, or they don’t.
  • Unless a fiber is carrying light it isn't doing anything and it’s called a "dark fiber".  People are the same way. 
  • A fiber needs a source of light (it cannot create its own light), and so do people. 
  • Jesus is our Source of light.  He said that He is the "Light of the World".  
  • When we are close to Jesus, we will carry His light automatically, and because of that we too become the light of the world (just like Jesus said). 
  • A bundle of lit fibers is more attractive than a bundle of dark fibers.  It’s even more attractive than a mixed bundle of dark and light-carrying fibers.  A Christian church is like a bundle of fibers, and it’s much more attractive and carries more light when all the members are close to Jesus. 
  • The closer a fiber is to the source of light the more light it will carry automatically.  The closer people get to Jesus the more Light they will carry automatically.



"In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father."

Matthew 5:16 (nlt)






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