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Lost & Found, My Son

Lost and Found, My Son
(by Eddie)
One of my sons, who was about 23 years old at the time, had been missing for about a year. My wife and I were planning a long vacation trip from Florida to Texas, Colorado, Niagara Falls and Kentucky.

Two weeks before we were to begin our trip I decided in my mind to start petitioning my Heavenly Father for my son. I thought I should do it in secret so the Devil would not interfere. So each and every day I told God, “Lord, you know my deep concern for my son. Lord, I also know that You know where he is and all about him. So please arrange things so our paths will cross as we travel so we will be able to make contact with him. Lord, I know this is impossible for us humans. But I believe you know how to do this and I know that You can bring us together. Thank you Lord, for I know nothing shall be impossible with you. I place this in your Almighty hands.”

I prayed this prayer silently at least once every day. Why silently? Because I knew if the devil knew I was praying for this, he would do everything he could to interfere with what God was going to be doing for the three of us.

I continued to pray as we drove to Texas and visited my in-laws for two weeks. Just before we were to leave there to continue our trip, I had a message from a relative in Florida that my missing son was trying to contact us. When I called the number he left, it was a jail in Mississippi.

My son had been on the way to Florida (from California) to visit us and had been traveling with some other young men. A sheriff had stopped them and while searching the car had found a small amount of marijuana. Consequently they were all jailed.

We drove over to visit him and talked with the authorities, but were unable to help him. So we went on our way to visit some friends in Colorado. As we left Colorado to continue our trip, I was seized with an urgency to return home. We did visit Kentucky to see Ft. Knox and Mammoth Cave on our way home, but still arrived home two weeks ahead of schedule.
The very next day after we arrived home I realized why I had suddenly lost interest in going to Niagara Falls and the other northerly stop we had planned for our vacation. My son called and said he would be home in two days.

Praise God. I thank Him for His working in our lives. I never could have dreamed of how God would be answering this silent prayer in such a strange way. Thanks be to God for His caring and leading in our lives.

“With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” Matthew 19:26


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