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Lord, "Bug" Me Whenever You Want!

I have a habit of asking the Lord to lead me each day wherever He wants me to go. I was working as a colporteur selling Christian books door to door, and this specific day I was following an address on another postcard sent in by a person asking for more information about my books.

This person turned out to be a woman pastor of a small church in a very remote area. I remember her asking for more information on what my church believed as far as Revelation was concerned because her church was studying the teachings of various churches and she wanted to include our teaching as well. (I sent her a video, but found out later that she chose not to use it at her church because “it was so different” than the others.) We had a nice visit and I left, but I had not made a sale.

Several weeks later, after I had gotten home from work one day, I got the mail and placed all of it on the table in the kitchen, but I did not open anything, nor did I even look at return addresses. I just went right to bed. I remember waking up at about 2 o'clock that next morning. I was being “BUGGED” by a very strong impression that I needed to go downstairs and read the mail.

So I got up, went downstairs and began looking through the mail that I had put on the table the night before. To my amazement I found a letter from this lady pastor. And when I opened it she was saying that she and one or two others would like to talk with me on a specific day, at a specific restaurant and at a specific time. The date she wanted to meet was the very same day I was reading the letter, and it just so happened that I actually had time to meet her that day.

So at the appointed time I went to the restaurant and sure enough, she was there with her friends. We had a good visit, though I do not recall much of what we talked about, and then went our separate ways.

My wife was teaching in a small Christian school at that time, and in the fall of that same year she ended up with a new student that she did not know much about. She learned later that this young man was the grandson of the woman pastor I had met at the restaurant.

I have no idea of how the rest of the story goes, only God does, but I am awed by the fact that God can and does "bug" us when we ask for His leading.



“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding”  Proverbs 3:5

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