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Leading vs Following



In formal Ballroom dancing, the man is suppose to lead and it's the woman's job to follow.  The man proposes the steps, but it's the woman's choice whether to accept and follow or not.  In reality, both individuals are equal.  Both choose what's going to happen.

In Christianity it's much like that.  Jesus Christ is our Leader.  He has proposed the steps you and I are to take, but it's our job to choose to follow or not.  He has given us the 10 Commandments that when followed will show that we are followers of His, but many who claim to follow Him are not walking in His footsteps.

Jesus said,

If you love Me, keep My commandments.

John 14;15 NKJV

Do you love Jesus?  Do you feel like you can maybe keep 6 or 7, maybe 8 at best but not all 10?   Maybe you feel like giving up because you feel like it's no use, but what did Jesus say about our ability to do something?

"... apart from me you can do nothing."

John 15:5 NIV

We can't do it, not by ourselves, so don't beat yourself up.  Remember though, God can and will change us.  Just keep trusting in, and relying on, Him.  Keep following Him.  That requires that we keep our eyes on Him, doing what He does, and then we will become like Him.








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