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Lessons from a Child:  Hugs and Kisses!


Our daughter’s whole family is finally back today!  The little ones are still on South Korean time though, and just now came and woke us up. It’s 3:09am Friday, but it’s awesome to have them here! Amazing how a little child can make you feel.  Speaking of my beard the littlest one (4 years old) said, “I like your fur, it’s so soft!”   Another time after she had prayed and told Jesus how much she loved Him she blew Him a kiss and then she looked at me and said, “That was for Him.” 
Jesus wants us to be like little children. Do you suppose it makes Him feel good when we tell Him something from the heart like that? Little children used to love sitting on the lap of Jesus, and I am sure Jesus loved to hug them like I love to hug my girls.  Do you suppose He misses hugging little ones right now? Is this why He calls us “little children”? 
I wonder if Jesus will have tears of joy when we finally greet Him in the sky, and when He welcomes us to our new Home?  Will we say “Hi!” when we first see His face in the clouds, or will we have to wait until we are finally in Heaven? 
When our kids went to South Korea they would call us occasionally. That was a very bright spot in our day!  The calls that really made our day though was when they called us using their phone’s FaceTime feature (where we could see them and they could see us). 

One such call REALLY affected me.  It helped me to see the thinking of our youngest granddaughter. When she realized that grandpa was on FaceTime, she grabbed her mom’s phone and first ran to introduce me to her “daddy’s mommy” and her “daddy’s daddy”. Then next she had to show me the flowers in the house, and next she showed me her special doll. What an amazing feeling to see that which was most important to her! 
Does Jesus feel that way when we talk to Him about people and things? Do we make Him feel special? Can He “see” who and what’s most important in our lives, or do we just repeat the same things we talked to Him about last time?  (Of course, maybe the things we talked to Him about last time really were the things that were most important to us.)



“Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.” 

1 Peter 5:7 NLT 









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