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Keep Calm and Carry On Little Spider!

In this photo, God made both the sunrise colors AND the spider web design. God knows who was affected by each of them, but the spider has no idea that the place he put his web was a fence gate, what it's for, or that anyone saw its creation. That spider has no idea that its humble efforts have influenced anyone, nor does it care. It just worked steadily at what the Creator gave it to do.

It was all this tiny creature knew how to do, and it went about looking for something firm and solid to attach its creation to. Finding several firm spots located near its current location and ones that were inline with each other the spider built a foundation for the web.

You and I must look for something firm for us to build our lives on too, and these things need to make sense (be inline with each other). When we find solid truth, that truth needs to become those firm anchor points for us, and we need more than just a few of these. The more of these solid, firm truths we hold onto the more firm and solid our lives will be.

Like that tiny spider you and I may never know who we have influenced by our daily tasks, but what we naturally do every single day may prove to be profound for someone at some point in time. (Just think of how that little spider in New Zealand has influenced a writer in the USA halfway around the world, and how you personally are being affected by its efforts too. How many people will be influenced by this one little speck of a life? Only God knows!)

Like that tiny spider, we must remain stable. She went about her normal, daily task never worrying about how it might look to others, and neither should we be concerned what our God-given tasks look like as we steadily work every day.  We just need to do the best we can do with what we have.

Our task might seem daunting if we could see the whole thing at once, but God is careful about how much He lets us see.

Like a spider building a web we just go from one point to another. It may even seem that we are not getting anywhere, but if we remain stable our lives will bring honor and praises to our Creator even if we are totally unaware that it has.


Keep calm and carry on!




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