The focus is on Jesus!

Important? Or not so Important?

I received a message on my phone from a very good friend the other day, and wanted to share it with you.  As you read this, ask yourself what you are looking at in life.  Where is your focus?





Good morning, just arrived at the office.  Another enjoyable sunrise, however by the time I was "happy" with it I was on a section of road that would not allow me to pull over.  It was gentle colours, and behind me in the west was the full moon setting, so added an unusual dimension to the whole scene (very light for the time of day).

But as I drew closer to town, I noted that the sunrise was obscured by (more) trees, power poles and pylons, cranes, and other visual "clutter".  However, what struck me was this: even though there was such clutter, I could still see the sunrise, and the power of the sunrise light showed each piece of clutter for what it was. There was no confusion what type of tree was there because you could see its detailed silhouette. And the same with power poles - you could see each insulator, and the lines, the braces that hold the cross arms.  Everything was in complete detail for what it was because of the strength of the sunrise. 


Even though there was all this clutter, I could still see the awesome sunrise.  I could choose to look and enjoy the sunrise, or I could look and complain about the clutter.

I got to thinking of you and me - the clutter, and God - the sunrise.  Regardless of who I am, what I say, how I act, the love of God (the sunrise) will always be seen by those looking for it.  Others might focus on ME (the clutter) and not see God's love.  But God's love is still there to be seen REGARDLESS of me.

Loving Father, my good works are as filthy rags in Your sight.  I am like the "clutter" that got in the way of this morning's sunrise.  Please, when people see me, let them look beyond me to You and Your love.  Let them only see YOU.  Please remind me again that there is nothing in Your love that needs me to be the focus.  In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.





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