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I Asked God for Help and He Sent TRASH!

I asked for help and God sent “TRASH”!
(by Eddie)
One evening as my wife and I were driving back down the mountain from Estes Park to Boulder, Colorado our car engine suddenly stopped. When we prayed God quickly sent just the help we needed, but in an unusual and unexpected way.

We had been helping a volunteer organization build a church at Estes Park. After we had finished our work for the day, we were heading down to Boulder for the night where we had our travel trailer set up in a friend’s yard. Suddenly our engine just quit leaving us stranded beside the road. As I looked under the hood I discovered the flexible fuel line had come loose from the carburetor because the clamp had broken.

What on earth were we to do? We were miles from town, about half way between Estes Park and the city of Lyons. Even if we could get to town it was doubtful whether a parts store would be open so late. I knew immediately we were going to need God’s help in this situation. I bowed my head, closed my eyes and prayed right there beside the road.
“Lord we need special help again now. Please send help. Please help us know what to do”. I opened my eyes and started to walk around the car. My eyes quickly focused on God’s answer. When I saw it, the Spirit immediately told me how to use it. What I saw was a short piece of large gage aluminum wire. It was very soft and easy to shape, just what I needed to improvise a clamp for our gas line hose. I quickly put the hose onto the connection and twisted the wire into a clamp. As soon as I had breathed a prayer of thanks to our Heavenly Father, I started the engine and we went happily on our way.

How did an old piece of wire, just the right type and size needed, get there beside the road at just the right spot to meet our need? I believe that it was a direct answer to my prayer. I know God provided what I needed, just when I needed it. Whether He only placed it there after I prayed or if He had placed it there long before I got there I don’t know. In fact, I really didn’t pray for a piece of wire, I just prayed for help and God sent it in the form of trash.

God has a thousand ways to provide for our needs of which we are not aware.

“But my God shall supply all your needs....” Philippians 4:19

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