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He Listened to My Heart


I had been working with a new person off and on for most of the summer. And as time went on I was impressed by how hard they worked and with their Christian attitude. Towards the end of the summer I heard that the next day was to be this person’s last day at my place of employment.

I wanted so much to share with that person what God meant to me before they left. I didn't expect to ever see them after that Thursday and so Wednesday night, I lay awake for hours silently praying and thinking about how I could find the time to really talk with them. I asked the Lord to make it possible for us to visit, if it was His will.

The next day, nothing happened that allowed us to visit even for a minute.  I figured that it must not be God's will that we visit after all. I believed that I had totally missed being able to talk with them on their last day at work.

The following day was Friday and I was busy working along side my daughter. We were both feeding paper into a machine like the one in the photo above, and about an hour after we had started work for the day my boss and this other person came over. This is the person who I did not expect to ever see again.  This person was placed right beside me, and because now there were three of us we did not have to work quite so fast and so we had time to visit.

I was totally amazed! I had completely given up on ever seeing this person again and now, here they were working right beside me. As it turned out we visited for about 6-7 hours, not just for “a few minutes” as I had wished for.   We visited mostly about God’s love and His plans for us.  It felt so good to visit with another Christian, learn from them and share with them as I did. I was really refreshed and blessed.

But what was the most exciting was seeing that God had not only heard my silent prayer, but also seeing how He answered that very specific prayer in such an incredible way.  So the next time you secretly and silently ask God to let you do something for Him, “stand back” and watch Him work. You'll be amazed and blessed!

Dan K. (Nebraska)

“You who fear him, trust in the LORD...” Psalms 115:11

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