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Are you familiar with the Old Testament story about Hannah in I Samuel 1?   She was the barren, yet loved wife of Elkanah, but she was belittled by his second wife.   Hannah fell into deep depression over her barrenness and besought the Lord for a son.   God heard her pleas and answered them with a son, Samuel.   I found great comfort in Hannah's account and could relate to her.   Although I wasn't barren, I had recently lost my baby son and experienced two consecutive miscarriages.   I, too, sunk into the depths of grief and sorrow.

But just as God worked in Hannah's life, so He worked in mine, albeit in a different manner.   God used the story of Hannah, her deep depression and her discoveries in truth to touch my aching soul to bring further healing in my grief.   Isn't our God amazing in the way He works in our lives, in the good times and the bad times, to draw us closer to Him?   One of the ways God worked through my mental haze was through Bible studies that He brought my way.   This time I did a study on Hannah.   She had been in depression and I could definitely relate to her situation.   But Hannah realized three things that brought her out of her depression - even BEFORE her circumstances were changed by the birth of her son.   This was important for me.   BEFORE her barrenness ended, WHILE the other wife still harassed, Hannah came out of her depression because of what she discovered about God.   In verse 18, Hannah had been in the temple praying and then went her way, ate something and her face was no longer sad.   It was at this point that Hannah was no longer depressed and it is before she became pregnant with Samuel.   The key to her dramatic turnaround is found in her song in chapter 2.   I marked these discoveries.   I wrote them in my journal, so I could refer back to them.   They had a profound impact on my thinking and my attitude.

            God is holy.  His LOVE is holy.   HE LOVES ME and is committed to my BEST GOOD.  Because He loves me, He only works at what is positively right for ME!  (from verse 2)

            God is a God of knowledge.   His PERFECT KNOWLEDGE keeps Him from doing ANYTHING that is not perfectly right for me.   He knows what is best!   There are no wasted strokes - NO MISTAKES!  (from verse 3b)

            *God has power!   He can do whatever He wants to do.   Because he LOVES me, He controls His POWER with His KNOWLEDGE of what's right for me.  (from verse 6-7, 8b)

Wow!   What awesome truths these are!   God loves me even while I'm in the depths of grief and feeling unloved.   God knows what is absolutely best for me and somehow, some way the death of my son is part of His perfect plan for me.   God is so powerful and there's nothing He cannot do - He can even bring good out of such a horrible situation as my little boy's death.  This brought great comfort to me knowing that I was held so tenderly and gently by my loving God.

Hannah's depression lifted when she took her eyes off of herself and her situation and focused on God.   So, too, I needed to take my eyes off of myself, my grief and sorrow and focus on God.   I, too, needed to focus on God's love, His wisdom and His power.   Through Hannah's discoveries, I was shown God's truths as well.

Whatever circumstances are harassing your life, I encourage you also to look to these wonderful truths about God.   He loves you more than anything and is committed to your best good.  Because He loves you, He only works for what is best for YOU!   God knows what is best for you.   His perfect knowledge allows Him to do what is perfectly right for you.   There are no mistakes in God's plans.   God is powerful.   He does what is right for you and works powerfully in your life.

God wants what is best for us, knows what is best for us and has the power to make that “best” happen in our lives.  Praise be to God!

- Jan






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