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Have you ever thought about the size of our universe? Does it have an outer edge? Are we just a tiny universe inside another much larger universe, or does our universe just keep going off into infinity?  Astronomers and mathematicians try and understand for us what's out there, and where we came from.  

The Bible tells us that ALL THERE IS was created by just one Being.  How can it be possible that there is a Being powerful enough to create all we see, and all that must be out there that we cannot see?

People are constantly looking for the truth, and they want proof that this or that is absolutely true. That no other explanation is needed is a constant dream. People want reality, they want the facts, but the reality is that about 95% of our universe is invisible, and scientists just don't know what that 95% is yet.  

Science is a systematic study of the facts of reality. True science gathers facts about everything physical, building an organized knowledge base from which testable explanations and predictions (theories) are based. 

Again, people want the truth, and the truth is, true science supports the Bible's explanation of the things around us. True science looks for facts, and then, if necessary, changes its testable theories based of those facts, but unfortunately, some people use only some of the available facts, and therefore they arrive at wrong conclusions. 

Theory is a rational way of trying to understand reality.  People create a theory after looking at the available facts, but there are many people (scientists included) who look at only SOME of the available evidence.  Logical thinking, correct reasoning, is based on the facts, on truth, and those facts will lead to correct and sensible conclusions. 

The Bible gives unreasonable, but testable explanations about where we humans and other things came from. For example, the Bible gives an explanation of why there are fossils of sea creatures high up on mountains, and why there is such a variety of geological layers to our earth. The Bible goes so far as to prove that it is true by giving testable explanations about what has happened in the past, and predictions about events that were going to happen in the then-future (past predicted events in time), and because of our position in time we can now look backwards and see if those events actually did happen. To the extent that we know the accuracy of those former predictions (because they all came true), we can be certain that its predictions for our future are also correct. 


Truth found in the Bible and in science leads to the following conclusions:

1.      We are just a tiny speck in a vast universe. 

2.      The Bible claims to be God’s Holy Word, and it has proven itself to be exactly that. 

3.      There really is an all-powerful Being. (God is real, and He has proven that about Himself.)

4.      God loves us.

5.      God has an enemy who is trying to take His place. 

6.      God's enemy wants to hurt and kill us. (We need to resist him!) 

7.      If we don't resist God's enemy that enemy will destroy us.

8.      We need to submit to God! 

9.      There is a rich and joyous eternity to be gained by submitting to, and being faithful to, God. 

10.  We can see only a tiny fraction of what God has created, but it is real nonetheless. 

[The devil’s] purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. [God’s] purpose is to give [us] a rich and satisfying life.

John 10:10 (NLT)


The Bible is a logical and testable explanation from God, and true science continues to support God's explanation. 




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