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Digital Babylon

"I am the TRUTH!"

JESUS (John 14:6)


The phrase “Digital Babylon” makes sense. That's the kind of place where we live. We really are living in a digital collection of people, beliefs, and cultures. 

In the Bible’s book of Daniel we are given the story of the King of Babylon taking many people of Israel captive and taking them back to Babylon. Daniel and his 3 friends were among those who had been captured. We are not told if these 4 young men had known each other before being captured or not, but they each had to have made a personal choice. They chose to make their devotion to their living God their number one priority. 

In Babylon they were among a group who were hand-chosen by their captors. The Bible says that they were chosen because they were all from royal or noble backgrounds, because they were strong, healthy and good looking young men who had good judgement. These 4 men were given a special 3 year education that included learning the language, the culture and customs, and studying the knowledge accumulated by Babylon. 

They kept God first while continuing to study everything they were told to study.  They evidently studied deep into Babylon’s gods and their worship system too, but they kept their eyes on the Truth.  

That must be our position too. Your focus and mine must be on Jesus, the Truth, while living and learning in this digital era because we are constantly being bombarded and showered by information. Some of that information is true and accurate and so it needs to become a part of who we are, but if something is not correct, not true, then we need to place that information where it cannot hurt us or anyone else. It’s still something that we know; it’s still part of our knowledge base, but it doesn’t have to change who we are and it doesn’t have to change the way we live. 


“And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.”

John 8:32 NLT

Learning about things that are Biblically incorrect is not bad.  It’s what we choose to do with that information that makes us who we are. We either choose to be alive and free because we chose to follow Truth, or we choose slavery and death by following untruth. 

Are you looking for truth in every bit of information that comes your way, or are you accepting everything you are told?  (I hope that you are not so afraid that you are going to be deceived by all the false information that you go hide in a hole where nothing bad can touch you!)







































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