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Christian Windows



We have all seen those massive windows where all you can see is the great outdoors, but have you ever thought how similar you are to that glass?  The window is there to let light in, and to let you look out at the view, right?  How often do you really look at the glass itself?  Seldom or never, except when it’s dirty, broken, or flawed in some way.

Christians are very much like a window.  When someone looks in our direction they should not see us but be able to see through us.  They should be looking at things that are much bigger than all of us combined.  They should be seeing nothing but Jesus and His creation.  Our actions and words should be what Jesus Himself would be doing and saying thereby allowing others to see right through us and into what Jesus is like.

About the only time someone will notice a Christian is when we distort the truth, are broken, or when we are dirty.  Flaws and dirt totally distract the viewer from seeing Jesus and they end up focusing on us because of our faults. Problem is, we cannot do anything about our condition because we are just like the glass in a window.  We are helpless, but we are not without hope.  

Jesus wants to fix our flaws, repair our brokenness, and clean us up, but He will only do this if we will allow Him to.  And even if we do not really want to be “fixed up” but know that we need to be then we can ask that He make us “willing to be made willing”.  He will then come and do whatever needs to be done.  It may be difficult and even painful at first, but when He is done with you there will not be one little thing that will distract the viewer, or anything that will distort, or diminish the light coming through you.  All people will see will be “the View”, which is the true Jesus and His love.

Windows keep the bad out (unwanted heat and cold, excessive sunlight, wind, rain, ice, dirt) and keep the good in (wanted heat, cold, and sunlight, clean air, etc.), all without really being seen.  Like windows, real Christians work to keep the bad out of the lives of others (harm, hunger, illness, etc.) and work to keep the good in the lives of others (peace, joy, happiness, health, safety, etc.), all without really being seen.

And windows are sometimes called “lights” because they allow outside light in.  Jesus called us “lights” too.  When placed where the Builder wants us to be (Jesus is the Builder) we will let His light into the world, and that light will be so bright that no one will ever see us.





 Holy Father in Heaven, it is the prayer of every true Christian that You repair our brokenness and fix our flaws even if it hurts for a while.  We trust You!  Clean us and make us so pure that when people look our direction, they see only You and Your Son, Jesus.  Make us full of joy and peace for Your sake!  This is our prayer in the Holy name of Jesus.  Amen


“Ye are the light of the world….”  

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”  

Matthew 5:14 kjv; Matthew 5:16 kjv


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