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A Detail Oriented God

I have to tell you an incredible story about something that happened to me last night. It's very short, but very powerful.  Before I do though, have you ever had an experience where you KNOW that God had His hand in it?  This is one of those!


It's my habit to put my phone on "Do Not Disturb" every night when I go to bed. Actually it does it automatically, and last night was no exception. It automatically turned on at 8:30PM. 

At 12:30AM I was asleep when I got a text message, but of course it did not wake me up. At 12:37AM (7 minutes later) I woke up and went straight to my phone, and there on my phone was a request from a man who was sick. He wanted me to do his job for him the next morning starting at 7 o'clock.  (7-9 driving his school bus route.)

Because I work a full day at another job I was a little concerned that I might not be done in time, but at the same time I was totally amazed. I was amazed that I had even seen the text at all. That alone was worth this story, but it gets better.

I called my regular job to see what time I needed to be there. 10AM?  YES, I could make it and still help my friend out!  But then I became a little concerned because I wasn't sure that I could do the same thing in the afternoon for him. That needed to start at 3:00PM, but I had a 2:30pm appointment at my regular job. 

When I arrived at my regular job this morning I was looking at the schedule for the day and asked about both my 10AM appointment and my 2:30PM appointment. Long story short, both canceled without any knowledge of my situation. (Is God GOOD, or what?)

So then I started looking at the schedule for the whole week. Tuesday was pretty much open (very unusual). Wednesday morning looked to be a problem though, but I thought it could be fixed so that I could still do both jobs. (Turned out it wasn't an issue at all.)

Normally I will have 3, 4 or even 5 appointments each morning starting at 8:00, but there was only one day that had ONE 8:45AM appointment!  I figured that I could make that work.  It would be tight but doable.  (Later in the day that one was covered too.)

Yesterday I didn't even know that I was needed for this school bus job, yet God had it all worked out long before I had gotten that first mid-night text. 

WHAT A CARING, DETAIL-ORIENTED GOD!!!  Why do we worry about all the little problems going on in our lives?  Why don't we take them all to God more often and ask Him to fix them for us?  He's a lot better at fixing things than we are!


Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.

1 Peter 5:7 NLT




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